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How I Started Making All Natural Handmade Soap

How I Started Making All Natural Handmade Soap

I started using all natural handmade soap from a small local business in my community about a year ago. I bought the soap just because it looked nice and I wanted to support a local small business. I also suffered from really bad allergies and asthma. It was suggested to me that the "beauty products" I was using could be causing me adverse reactions. 
I wasn't sure that could possibly be an issue as I had been using store bought soap and beauty products my whole life and never had an adverse reaction, or so I thought. 
I was pleasantly surprised by how nourishing and mild the soap was. I did notice over a period of time that my reactions like strange on again, off again rashes disappeared. I also noticed that my breathing got better and I was using puffers less and less.  I'm a pretty crafty girl and totally addicted to YouTube so totally had to find out how this mysterious soap was made. 
Where does one start in the world of handmade all natural soap making? Hot process, cold process, melt & pour, sodium hydroxide what? I thought "oh my gosh this is going to be dangerous" and "I may have a serious problem on my hands".
After a couple of videos, I decided to give cold process soap making a try and I loved the results it produced!  I've attached a picture of the very first bar of soap I made. Not bad for a first try hey?
Not only did I get a beautiful bubbly, soapy lather, my skin was soothed and the lavender essential oil I added smelled wonderful. My skin did not react in a negative way to this soap.
As a person who has always been very sensitive to detergents and synthetic ingredients, I knew I was on to something amazing and I haven't looked back since!
I've only just begun on this soapy journey, but so far the experience has been very exciting and rewarding. Please stick with me and we will "lather" the path together!

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Mar 02, 2017 • Posted by Gabrielle Bill

My daughter started struggling with horrible acne across her forehead at 10 years old. As a mom it was so hard to figure out what to do. She was so young and at an age where I really didn’t want to say or do the wrong thing and affect her self esteem.

We tried every natural cleanser in Shoppers Drug Mart we could find and got no where. It got worse and worse so we got desperate and tried acne remedies like Cetaphil and Oxyclean. They didn’t work either and made her skin inflammed and itchy.

We struggled for over a year until we found RW Soap Co.’s Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Soap. We now call it our miracle soap!! My daughter uses it in the morning and evening.

Within the first week we were amazed! The redness and inflammation were completely gone. By the end of week 2 most of the pustules had disappeared. By the end of week 3 the raised, red pimples were flattening out. We are on week 4 now and the redness continues to fade.

I don’t have to fight her to wash her face anymore because she sees the results. I also don’t have to feel guilty for dumping chemicals on my daughter’s young skin.

Thank you so much RW Soap Co. for delivering this miracle soap to us!


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